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Southeastern Wisconsin’s Premier full line Vendors since 1933

G&W Vendors “Your Vending Professionals” are a full line vending company — locally owned and operated since 1933.  We service South Eastern Wisconsin. 

G&W has a great reputation for our quality of fresh food, top brand-named products and excellent service. Service, quality and freshness of product makes the difference in a good quality vending service. G&W Vendors has understood and provided this service over their many years in business.

Service, freshness and quality of product is still believed to be most important to our customers, in these times when service and quality seems to be fading. As an independent vendor we are able to handle all brands in our machines compared to other companies that can only use certain brands. 

Our employees are customer friendly; they understand the customers’ needs and the importance of service. We are proud of our employees. G&W Vendors looks forward to providing your location with the best possible service, quality and fresh food products available.

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G&W Vendors Buyer and Commissary Managers are always introducing new product and new tastes to our vending product selection. G&W Vendors keeps many reduced/Low/no fat and low carb items in stock for merchandising in our snack and food machines.  We also carry a large number of juice items in both can and bottle for a healthier choice.  If you prefer healthier snack, food items or drinks, please let us know.

G&W Vendors also makes it easier for the customer to find healthier items in snack machines by using our PINK LABEL DESIGNATES HEALTHY SELECTIONS STICKER.  This sticker indicates to the customer to look for selections with a pink label.  It will help the customer find healthier selections.



G&W Vendors provides our customers with the latest technology. G&W has equipment that vends coffee, soda, sandwiches, candy, snacks, pastries, milk, ice cream, etc.  No matter what your needs are, we are ready to serve you.  Machine maintenance is also very important.  Preventative maintenance is performed to keep machines operating properly.  When a machine does break down, our highly qualified technicians are ready to respond, not in a day or more, but within the hour to attend to the problem. 

All service calls are logged as the call is received.  Our service technicians each have a phone so they can respond ASAP.  Other companies have fewer technicians; therefore, their customers may wait for a day or more for their equipment to be repaired

Contact us at (877) 506-8213 to request more information about our vending company and products in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Providing Services in 10 Southeastern Wisconsin Counties.

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